Patients with a confirmed MH diagnosis

These are patients who have a confirmed diagnosis of genetic risk to malignant hyperthermia.   Such patients are often very well informed about their condition and its implications but may also be particularly anxious about receiving an anaesthetic. If such a patient presents to the anaesthetic preassessment clinic the following will need to be done:

  1. The patient should be reassured that they can receive anaesthesia safely.
  2. The patient should be given the opportunity to meet with the consultant anaesthetist responsible for their care prior to admission.
  3. Ensure that the hospital medical records are clearly marked with a warning about the condition in accordance with hospital policy.
  4. Notify the surgeon and operating theatres that the patient should be put first on the operating list in order to allow for preparation of equipment

You should feel free to contact the Leeds MH Unit at any stage.  This might be for confirmation of the patient’s MH status or to discuss specific matters of anaesthetic management.

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